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Pairing elegance with today’s technology

Luxury living means enjoying a unique home environment that supports a comfortable
lifestyle with custom conveniences and elegant design. Today’s luxury homes are as smart
as they are beautiful. Today’s luxury homeowners want sophisticated systems that help
manage their households while providing indulgent touches that epitomize affluent living at
its finest. Here are ways luxury and technology combine to create wonderful results.

Custom shower programs can set air and water temperature,
towel heat, ventilation and water volume. To create your own
washroom sanctuary, visit your local kitchen and bath showroom
or speak with your interior designer.

Window treatments can be mechanized to automatically close or
open based on privacy or energy efficiency goals. Smart phones can
act as a remote control to open garage doors, turn on lights, or set
the temperature. New thermostats are more intuitive. Ask your interior
designer how to add this technology.

Security systems can allow monitoring of interior spaces
and exterior perimeters, and can be activated and viewed
via your smart phone and/or tablet. Talk with your security
company about today’s available options.

Heated driveway systems are the ultimate luxury for those who
live in a four-season locale. A touch of a button helps melt snow
and ice, eliminating icy ground conditions and the need for snow
removal. Speak with your local concrete specialist or paving
contractor about options and costs.

Welcome to the new age of luxury! With the touch of a button or the
setting of a program, technology can bring more than convenience into your
home. The right upgrades provide indulgence and peace of mind. These are
the key features that define luxury living.